Springtime Tag!

Hi all! I thought I would do the very fun Springtime Tag I saw on Youtube recently through misshollyberries (watch her video here). I really like knowing how others answer these questions so please let me know some of your faves below!

  1. Spring means glowing skin. What do you do for healthy glowing skin?
    I am naturally very glowy (read: oily mess), but I have been loving the ELF Illuminating Palette lately! I really love the first and fourth shades, and I love that they are very subtle but beautiful highlights. I purchased mine at Target for $6.
  2. What is the first beauty thing you think of when the weather warms up?
    I’ve been really into highlighting (with concealers) and bronzing with cream bronzer – I feel like it’s changed my complexion!
  3. What is your favorite part of spring?
    Sigh… I honestly dislike Spring. I do love the rain, though, so maybe the stormy days.
  4. Do you do your hair differently in the spring?
    Yes! I will not dare to flat iron! It will become a hot mess really quickly haha. I wear it naturally curly, whereas in the Winter I did flar iton it once every couple of weeks.
  5. What clothing item are you most excited about wearing?
    Hmm… I am not a big fashion person, but I think skater dresses and skirts are really cute.
  6. What is your favorite springtime smell or fragrance?
    Prada Candy! And I love beachy scents in the Spring and Summer so sometimes I will use a sea salt spray in my hair.
  7. Favorite springtime lipstick color?
    I will never let go of my brown-y nudes! But I recently got the NYX High Voltage lipstick in Flutterkiss which is a lot lighter than my typical nudes and it’s very spring-y.
  8. Favorite springtime nail color?
    I have a few! China Glaze Secret Periwinkle, Essie Bikini So Teeny, Essie Go Ginza (love), Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet,Β  American Apparel Summer Peach, Essie Fiji (stuck with pretty much pastels here)
  9. What is spring like where you live?
    Really gross! I live in Florida and it’s unbearably hot as soon as “winter” ends. It’s already been in the 90s recently and I am slowly melting!