Easter Mani #1

Hi all!

Today I am just going to be sharing my first Easter themed manicure of this year. Easter is in 4 days so I think I might squeeze one more mani in before it’s over.


This year I decided to go a bit simpler than I typically do. I chose a light mint base (Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet), did simple white dots on one finger, and little carrots on another. For the dots and carrots I just used a dotting tool – you can use anything you have, a bobby pin, a toothpick, you name it!

There’s my little guinea pig, Benny! Carrots are his favourite snack so he did not hesitate to take a bite right out of my nail polish :’) I tried to fix it a bit in the 2nd picture.

Last year my Easter manicure was more intense and included 6 colours (plus black and white) and a cute baby chick. You can check it out here if you’d like.

Hope you are doing well! Please share your Easter manicure ideas with me!