NEW Sinful Colors Sham Rockin’ – Feeling Lucky? (Limited Edition)

Hi guys!

Today I have a super exciting post for me! For the past couple of years I have trying to get my hands on some of the Sinful Colors limited edition glitter toppers (see here!). I gave up after driving to all the Walgreens in my city last year, but today as I stumbled in to Walgreens for some medicine, lo and behold, there it was! I was surprised to see the St. Patricks Day display and not the Valentine’s Day one as it’s only January… what can ya do?

I already had 2 of the green polishes on the display, so the only one I picked up was the glitter topper. I searched online and did not find any information about it – so I am super excited to be sharing my pictures and swatches. (If you’d like swatches of the green polishes please let me know!)

Name: Feeling Lucky?
Price: $1.99
Store: I found mine at Walgreens in Florida

Here’s a bottle shot with and without flash:


Here’s a macro shot of the bottle with and without flash:


Finally, here’s a swatch with and without flash, with one and 2 coats:


The formula:

  • This polish consists of four things: teeny green micro glitters, a little bigger green glitters, even bigger mint green hex glitters, and gold shamrocks
  • I was surprised at how dense the green micro glitter was in this polish
  • It applied very smoothly, but I did have to fish around for the shamrock
  • There is a very obvious difference in opacity every time you add a coat
  • I would probably suggest applying the green glitter (as many coats as you’d like) and then fishing out shamrocks and placing them on top; this way the shamrock does not get covered in green micro glitter like it did in my swatch (bottom left)

I think I would personally wear this over a white or nude polish rather than the greens that were on the display – that way the green shimmer actually shows up. I’d also like to note this is NOT the same nail polish that was out last year, which had white flowers inside instead of gold shamrocks. I personally prefer this one and feel it fits the holiday better.

I can’t wait to try a manicure with it! Stay tuned for that!

Are you going to pick this up? Do you have any favourite Sinful Colors shades or glitters? I have the most SC in my collection and need to add some more (yeah, right haha).

Have a great day!





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