Easy Prom Nails for Every Dress (at home!) – DIY Prom Manicure

Hi guys –

Prom season is upon us! I can’t believe another school year has gone by, and that it’s now been FIVE years since I went to my senior prom… insane!

I did my nails the other day to try out a new polish I got, and I thought how pretty these nails would look for prom. They’re super easy, you only need 2 or 3 polishes, depending on which size glitter toppers you own.

I used purple polish and silver glitter, but you can definitely switch this up to match any dress, give a different pop of colour, or when it doubt, go with a nude nail polish for your base.

These are the nails I did:


Polishes Used:

Essie Play Date (purple)
Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty (fine silver glitter)
L.A. Colors Art Deco Silver Glitter – this is a skinny nail art brush polish, I found at my local dollar store (chunky silver glitter)

 For this look, all you need is:

  1. Any colour nail polish of your choice
  2. A fine glitter topper
  3. A chunky glitter topper

The technique:

  1. Paint your nails one or two coats of the colour you choose; let dry
  2. Take the fine glitter (these are micro glitters, not the big chunky ones that come out a few at a time) and concentrate it at the bottom of your nail, applying in a dabbing motion. As your get closer to the tips of your nail, dab what is left on the brush, creating a faded effect.
  3. With the chunky glitter, apply glitter pieces wherever you’d like, concentrating most of them at the base of your nail, over the glitter you applied in Step 2. You can use a toothpick to place them if you’d like, but I used the brush.
    TIP: hold your chunky glitter upside down for a few seconds before opening it up to use; this way you don’t get a lot of clear base and only one piece of glitter at a time!

To simplify it: use a glitter topper that has fine and chunky glitters in it; you will be combining steps 2 + 3 above

To change it up: do the glitter on one or two nails, or cover one accent nail completely in glitter and leave the other four without glitter. or choose a different colour chunky glitter than your fine glitter, mixing silver and gold for example.

If you don’t have any nail polish or glitters, I suggest checking out NYC, Wet n Wild, and Sinful Colors, all of which can be found at your drugstore or Walmart/Target, or L.A. Colors, found at the dollar store and Walmart. All these polishes are $1.99 or less (even their glitters) and are amazing quality. Sinful Colors is one of my fave brands.

This would look gorgeous with any colour + glitter combo, and saves your nails the trouble of acrylics! When I went to prom, it was one of the first times I went to a salon and got acrylic nails done. It ruined and weakened my natural nails for a long time once I took them off, and it cost way more than doing them on my own. I wish I was into nail polish back then!

Here are a few other looks at my prom ready manicure:

11185724_1134561693236327_1172978314_n 11198724_1134561453236351_400910277_n

Have fun at prom!



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