Unfavourite/Nail Polish Regret: Essie Cashmere Matte (Just Stitched)

Hi guys!

It’s been a while – I didn’t expect how crazy the end of the first year in grad school would be! But, the end is near.

Today I am showing my first nail polish ‘unfavourite’ and regret in a while – and it’s Essie’s Cashmere Matte in Just Stitched.

Now, I know 99.9% of people loathe these… but for some reason I thought I could make it work. You might have seen when I hauled it on instagram a couple of days ago (@kisslantavegas) – well, it went right back the next day. I exchanged it for Go Ginza which I absolutely love and will be posting a manicure/simple nail art of next.

Not going to lie, the end result of this nail polish (Cashmere Matte) is beautiful. The journey, however, was a nightmare. I tried this without a base coat (like other bloggers have suggested) and with a base coat (like Essie suggests on their website). It was much better with a base coat, but not good.

The formula gets goopy if you take more than one second to apply a coat. It’s matte right out of the bottle, so it dries quickly and gets thick around the rim. Applying each coat on top of the last was a nightmare, even waiting a long time for each coat to dry.

In these pictures, I have four coats on and you can still barely see visible nail line.


I have never been one to dislike a polish over it’s formula; typically if I love the colour I will work with the formula no matter what. But not this time! Four coats is where I draw the line. It was also really brush stroke-y, and you’re not supposed to wear a top coat, although you could if you didn’t want it to be matte.

Have any of you tried any of the Cashmere Mattes? What did you think? They are so beautiful, I wish they were easier to work with. I love baby pinks, but I think I’ll stick to my all time fave: Essie’s Fiji. I would much rather use a matte top coat over a polish I already love.

Thanks for reading! Leave me your thoughts down below 🙂


Another look: visible nail line after 4 coats



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