Easter Nail Art

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing my Easter nail art. I would have loved to do more (and better) Easter nail art this year but grad school caught up to me and next thing I knew, I was doing my first ones at 1am on Easter Sunday… (sounds about right for grad school).

easter1 This is just my basic chick and pastel matte look I came up with – I didn’t have anything specific in mind when I sat down, but I just grabbed a few of my cutest pastel shades and went to town with the dotting 🙂

These are the shades I used:

161af4f0f00343139513ed0b0525c714 Peach: American Apparel “Summer Peach”
Yellow: (old formula of) Sinful Colors “Unicorn”
Mint: Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet”
Baby Blue: Julep “Jessica”
Purple: Essie “Play Date”
Pink: Essie “Fiji”
White: Sinful Colors Sinful Shine “Wisp”
Black: Sinful Colors “Black on Black”

The pictures are purposefully a little blurry, so you can see the matte effect that really made this nail art look like Easter candy in person (matte visible especially in the darker picture). They kind of remind me of the Valentine’s conversation hearts candies, super chalky and pastel.

easter2       easter3

Grad school is coming to an end (well this semester, anyway) and though I will be working at school still over Summer, I can’t wait to have more time for Spring and Summer nail art – I’ve got a lot of things planned!

I have a review coming up soon on the NYC Peel off Base Coat – I’ve tried it a few times with different polishes and it’s a tough one to pinpoint, but I think I’ve formed a solid opinion.

I hope everyone has a fun Easter weekend, or just a relaxing weekend in general.

Until next time, enjoy this little funny…


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