Glitter Mani + NEW Peel Off Base Coat

Hi everyone!

Today I am just sharing the latest mani I did. No nail art to show this time – life has been so hectic! To be honest, I am not a huge fan of this manicure. I did want to share it, though, because I tried a peel off base coat for the first time: NYC’s Strip Me Off. This base coat retails for $1.72 or $1.99, but my CVS had a $1 off coupon on the display.

For this, I followed the instructions on NYC’s website.

NYCIt went on kind of like a watered down glue, but dried to a clear matte-like finish.

When it’s time to take this manicure off, I’ll try peeling it off and post an update. I sure hope it works… because this nail polish was NOT opaque. I’ve read online/seen videos that this Sinful Colors polish is opaque in two coats, but here I have three coats on and I can see very clearly see my visible nail line underneath. Taking three coats of glitter off will not be fun!

Nail polishes used: NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat
Sinful Colors (Bloomblast) Flower Power
Deborah Lippmann 99 Luftballoons (red accent nail)

received_1109885422370621  received_1109885752370588 received_1109885969037233

The Deborah Lippmann is gorgeous, per usual.

Hope this peel off base coat works and doesn’t peel itself up before I’m ready – it would be a lifesaver for glitterbomb manis 😉 the website suggests it is not long-wearing… “ideal to switch your manicure everyday” so we shall see.

I’m (kind of) excited for Spring nails…. What are your fave Spring polishes/trends?

I’ll soon be sharing some Easter nail art – can’t wait!



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